Preliminary Design

Remote Site Assessment and complete bankable Shade Report in less than 60 minutes! Using solar industry’s leading shading engine : Aurora Solar. We offer fully customizable sales proposal and let you stand out in a lineup with the best looking proposal around. You can add your brand logo, images and company’s colors.

We use Satellite Imagery, HD Aerial Imagery , LIDAR , Street View images to build most accurate 3D model of the house remotely so no need of site visit!  Streamline the lead nurturing process with remote site assessment and print ready sales proposals.


  • Residential Rooftop 
  • Commercial Rooftop 
  • Ground Mounted
  • Carport

Deliverables ?

  • Site Assessment Report (PDF)
  • Shade Analysis Report (PDF)
  • Customized Branded Proposals(PDF)
On Demand
    • Array Layout (CAD)
    • Bill of Material 
    • Hourly / Monthly energy production (Excel)

We acquire imagery data  from multiple source to build most accurate model which enables highly accurate estimates of solar energy production by taking into account the shading impacts of trees, vents, chimneys and other small  obstructions . We have access to all the data sources, we don’t charge you extra fee!


PV permit sets that are compliant with all applicable Building Codes, Fire Codes, NEC, Utility and local AJH codes. Our design service helps your projects move as quickly as possible through permitting process. Our PV Permit Set services include detailed plans that our team designs specifically for your  project.

We have extensive experience in engineering designing of PV systems. Our team has in depth knowledge of AHJ and utility requirements so that we can ensure that the permit set remain in compliance with local codes.


  • Commercial / Residential / Utility
  • Grid Tied / Off-Grid / Hybrid


  • PV Permit Set DWG Format 
  • PV Permit Set PDF Format
A typical permit set contains following sheets
    • Cover Sheet
    • Site Plan
    • Electrical Line Diagram
    • Array and String Layout
    • Single Line Diagram / Three Line Diagram
    • Rail and Attachment Plan
    • Structural Calculations
    • Roof Attachments
    • Elevation 
    • Inverter Station
    • Cable Sizing
    • Monitoring Details
    • Optimizer Map
    • Detailed BOM
    • PV Labels/Placards – Solar Main Service Disconnect
    • Resource Documents
    • Data sheet addendum
    • Any other solar permit requirements specifically in your jurisdiction

We draft permit sets using your drawing template. If you don’t have a drawing template we will draft an unique template for you. We extensively use Data link, Dynamic and Static Blocks, Layers to make PV drafting  more efficient!


A great customizable financial proposal that’s visually appealing. You can choose any default template or we will choose the most suitable template for you.

We use Aurora’s financial tool that uses your system performance estimates and utility rates to calculate financial returns for your customer. All the important metrics you need to make your sale at one place – Project Cost, Levelized cost of energy (LCOE), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) , payback period and more.


  • Residential 
  • Commercial


  • Financial Proposal PDF
A financial proposal contains following metrics 
    • Project Cost
    • Cash Flow
    • Payback Period
    • Utility Information 
    • Utility Rate
    • Annual Utility Bill
    • Annual Utility Price Increase Rate
    • System Size
    • Annual System Degradation
    • Total System Cost
    • Cash flows Discount Rate
    • Down Payment
    • Federal Tax Incentive
    • State Tax Incentive
    • Other Incentive
    • Savings
    • Financing Options 

Sketchup Modeling

Visual projects deserve visual explanations. Amaze and excite your client with an immersive experience. Just one click and immerse them in projects using our interactive 3D model viewer. You or your client does not need any extra software, all you need is a web browser. 

We use SketchUp to model your clients house that includes all visible components i.e. PV Modules, Combiner Box, Battery, Conduit, Transformer, MSP etc and obstructions like Chimney, Attic vents, Exhaust pipes etc  which gives an clear idea how the home/building/property would look like after opting solar.


    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Carport
    • Ground Mounted


  • 3D interactive Model
  • SketchUp File(.skp)
  • Preview Files(JPG/PDF/PNG)

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